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Videos on how to order Foreign Military Studies and microfilm from the US National Archives web site. The videos are in HD 720p; you may have to switch to that resolution manually.

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Below is a guide that will help with ordering FMS and microfilm from the US National Archives.

NARA Ordering Guide

U.S. National Archives & Records Administration
The U.S. National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) provides one of the best resources for original German documents.  Information on their Collection of Foreign Records Seized (Record Group 242) can be found here:  Most will be interested in the Captured German Records Microfilmed at Alexandria, Virginia, USA and information on this set of records can be found here:
There are guides to the records and since there are thousands of microfilm rolls finding what you are looking form without the guides is almost an impossible task.  The link above has some information on which guides are available and in what publication they can be found.
The guides to German Records Microfilmed at Alexandria, Virginia can be found on this site at this link: Guides to German Records.

Web sites with Research Related Information:
Maginot Line at War 1939-1940 - Research Tools
Stenger Historica Inc.

Miscellaneous NARA Guides
Roll list for SS Officers, Microfilm Publication A3343, Series SSO - 22 pages PDF (<1 MB)
Membership Applications to the NS-Frauenshcaft/Deutsches Frauenwerk, A3344 PDF (<1 MB)
Roll List for Berlin Document Center Library Collection, A3345-B - 237 pages PDF (3 MB)
Guide to German Military Situation Maps - "LAGE OST" (Eastern Theater), 1939-1945 PDF (3 MB)
Guide to German Military Situation Maps - Other European and North African Theaters, 1939-1945 PDF (5 MB)
M1743 - Guides to the Microfilmed Records of the German Navy, 1850-1945 PDF (<1 MB)
T75 - Office of the Plenipotentiary for the Serbian Economy PDF (<1 MB)
T176 - Data Sheets to Microfilmed Captured German Records PDF (<1 MB)
T249 - Microfilms of German Foreign Ministry Records Received by the U.S. Department of State on the German White Book PDF (<1 MB)
T264 - Records of the German Foreign Office Received by the Department of State from the British Museum PDF (<1 MB)
T821 - Guide to Collection of Italian Military Records, 1935-1943 PDF (<1 MB)
T971 - Von Rohden Collection of Research Materials on the Role of the German Air Force in World War II PDF (<1 MB)
T973 - Guide to the Collection of Hungarian Political and Military Records, 1909-1945 PDF (<1 MB)
Apr Finding Aid for T1022 - Records of the German Navy Operational Commands in World War II PDF (32 MB)
May Finding Aid for T283 - German Military Field and Technical Manuals, 1910-1945 PDF (86 MB)

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