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Videos on how to order Foreign Military Studies and microfilm from the US National Archives web site. The videos are in HD 720p; you may have to switch to that resolution manually.

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Below is a guide that will help with ordering FMS and microfilm from the US National Archives.

NARA Ordering Guide

Foreign Military Studies
This section has information regarding manuscripts produced under the Foreign Military Studies Program of the Historical Division, United States Army, Europe, and of predecessor commands since 1945. Most of these manuscripts were prepared by former high-ranking officers of the German Armed Forces, writing under the sponsorship of their former adversaries.
A guide to the manuscripts, which includes both a catalog and an index can be downloaded below.
Copies of the manuscripts can be ordered from the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration; depending on the document series they may be available in both English and German. To order call this number, 301-837-2000 tell them what you are looking for. They will forward your call to the correct person. They usually have some kind of limit to the number of documents/publications you can order but that seems to change over time. Most orders can be reproduced on CD/DVD or paper. The default format seems to vary with the document type so I would be specific as to the format wanted. After taking your order they will mail you a quote that you will then mail back or call with your payment.
FMS manuscripts can now be ordered online on the NARA website, click on this link: NARA Online, when the page opens click on the microfilm tab and then enter "M1035" in the seach field and click on Search. When the search page come up click on a Publication Title and then on Continue Order, you should now see individual microfilm listed and a place to enter the quantity to order. You will need to be logged in before you can see this order page.
The current FMS library is at 500+ files and 8+ GB’s, therefore many of the files have been optimized to reduce the file size which results in a slight reduction in quality. If you require a higher resolution copy for your research please contact us and we will check to see if we have one available.

Foreign Military Studies Downloads
New Studies
PinGuideCatalog and Index to Foreign Military StudiesEnglish PDF (32.3 MB)
PinGuid2Guide to FMS P-143d and P-149English PDF (<10 MB)
OctA-944Pz. Lehr in the ArdennesEnglish PDF (22 MB)
OctA-963Reasons for the Ardennes FailureEnglish PDF (23 MB)
OctB-192LXIV Corps Apr-May 1945English PDF (11 MB)
OctB-383LXVI Corps Mar-Apr 1945English PDF (58 MB)
OctB-404WK XII Mar-May 1945English PDF (50 MB)
OctB-426LVIII Corps Aug-Sep 1944English PDF (11 MB)
OctB-4562nd Pz. Division - Dec 1944English PDF (15 MB)
OctB-557198th Division Jun-Aug 1944English PDF (20 MB)
OctB-59011th Pz Division at RemagenEnglish PDF (19 MB)
OctB-713116th Pz. Division Mar-Apr 1945English PDF (49 MB)
OctB-7321st Army OOB Aug-Sep 1944English PDF (33 MB)
OctB-77079th VG Division Mar 1945English PDF (14 MB)
OctD-169362nd Division Rome 1944English PDF (46 MB)
OctD-217Italo-German Co-Operation in Italian North AfricaEnglish PDF (31 MB)
OctD-368Hrs Grp. Weichsel Jan 1945English PDF (23 MB)
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B Series Studies
C Series Studies
D Series Studies
ETHINT Series Studies
P Series Studies

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