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- KStN - Kriegsstärkenachweisung



MS T-014

(Strategic Survey)

By Generalleutnant Heinz von Gyldenfeldt, 328 pp, 65 illus; 1948. A description by the chief of staff of Army Group South of German operations in the spring, summer, and autumn of 1942.


The files they will only be availble for a limited time. One new file will be made available each week and remain active for four weeks. The links below will become active on the dates indicated.


  • Part 1 - 80MB
  • Part 2 - 80MB
  • Part 3 - available 09.30.2018
  • Part 4 - available 10.07.2018
  • Part 5 - available 10.14.2018
  • Part 6 - available 10.21.2018
  • Part 7 - available 10.28.2018



German vehicle and equipment manuals.
German manuals from the T-283 publication in PDF format. The documents cover various armored vehicle subjects.

The Missing K.St.N. of the German Army of WW2
Recreation of the K.St.N.'s of the Panzerjägerabteilung (mot)
of the German Panzer and Motorized Infantry Divisions
(1st February 1941)
45 pages : 7 charts : 8 K.St.N.'s
by Larry G. Schaeffer
Book 1  |   Book 2  |   Book 3  |   Book 4  |   Book 5

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German Military Terms


antifrostbite ointment.

War Department Manual TM 30-356

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