Kindle Books

Below are manuscripts that I have published in the Kindle format.  This format makes it more convenient to read these manuscripts on a portable device and also gives you the ability to annotate and bookmark.

The Sgt. York Controversey
The German Perspective

In 1928 a Swedish publication "Hemmets Journal" published an article on Sgt. York's feat in the Argonne.  Though it was similar to the many articles about Sgt. York that had been published before it the Germans believed that this article reflected negatively not only on the German officers and men involved but the German Officer and the German Army as a whole.  They were determined to conduct their own investigation into the events of October 8th, 1918 to determine what in fact really occurred on that day in the Argonne. The result was a report with the testimonies of German officers and men involved in those events.

This is a Kindle version of the German report that had been translated into English by The Army War College in 1936.



(September 1944 to 25 January 1945)

The 183.Volksgrenadier Division was activated during the first half of September 1944 at the Doellersheim troop training ground in Lower Austria. One of the first divisions created under the new Wave 32 organization for German infantry divisions. This manuscript was written by Lieutenant General Wolfgang Lange, ex commanding officer of the 183 Volksgrenadier Division.