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Pub. No.DescriptionTotals RollsAvail Rolls
T-078 OKH993325
T-079Army Areas34427
T-084Misc Rcds48933
T-175SS & Police67868
T-311Army Grps304166
T-313Pz Armies489173
T-501Rear Areas36396
Active Lists
List NameTotal RollsLast Update
John Calvin177502/26/2017
The Mori List437303/26/2017
Jeff Leach59309/02/2016
Digital History Archives66502/26/2017

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John Calvin (all rolls free)

Large selection downloaded from an FTP server. Quality and completeness varies. Downloads can be slow as there are many concurrent users on the FTP. Visit the blog to get the FTP URL and login info.

Visit the blog here

Jeff Leach (all rolls free)

Large selection downloaded from OneDrive so the download speed is good. Quality and completeness varies but are usually labeled. Use link below to access the rolls on Axis History Forum.

Axis History Post

No Results
Digital History Archives

Low priced NARA alternative. Highest possible quality and exact content as NARA DVD's but at a much better price. Typically only $20 per roll.

Visit them here:

No Results
The Mori List

This list includes all the rolls someone has a copy of. If you spot a roll on this list, you have a good chance to get it by asking around on forums or by checking catalogs of resellers. It will save you time and money vs. ordering a new one from NARA. Use the link below to access the post on Axis History Forum.

Axis History Post

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