1.37 - Kriegsprache

Maps at War
Thomas L. Houlihan, III

"A glossary of WWII German military and period specific words, phrases, abbreviations, and Landser slang."

For those that spend any appreciable time going through original German documents you will have no doubt on many occasions run into a word or abbreviation that you could not decipher and without this knowledge the meaning or context could not be determined. My solution has always been a German/English dictionary (very few military terms) and the German Military Dictionary (originally published by the war department but available from various publishers). While this dictionary is very useful it does not define abbreviations and was published in 1944 and so I believe lacks completeness. Lucky for us Tom Houlihan has done the laborious job of putting together a glossary of more than 17,500 words and phrases and 7,000 abbreviations to nicely fill in the gaps these normal sources leave behind. I have had a very good success rate for terms and abbreviations that I have looked up. Also at $26.95 I find it a good value as it is not a read once proposition but a constant companion in the process of translating documents. You will find yourself going back to it time after time. Since these are period military terms and abbreviations it is also useful to those who already read German.

My conclusion is that it is a very useful tool in research and well worth the money.