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As a result of unexpected armor on the Russian front and the need to provide higher performance anti-tank capability to the units Hitler requested a project in the summer of 1942 to create an 8.8 cm anti-tank gun with the performance of the 8.8 cm Flak gun. Due to time constraints, as Hitler wanted the gun in action as soon as possible, this called for the rapid design of a suitable self-propelled chassis. Alkett-Borsigwalde was awarded the contract to quickly design a chassis using components from the Pz.Kpfw.III and the Pz.Kpfw.IV. 1

Hornisse Battalion Organization

The first Hornisse (eventually changed to Nashorn in 1944) rolled off the line at Alkett in February of 1943. The first two battalions to be formed, the s.Pz.Jäg.Abt. 560 & s.Pz.Jäg.Abt. 655 received their final allocation of Hornisse in May of 1943. these were formed with temporary and initial versions of Hornisse K.St.N with units being formed in August using newer tables.

The battalion organization consisted of a Battalion Headquarter Staff (K.St.N. 1106b), a HQ's Company (K.St.N. 1155b) and three Tank Destroyer Companies (K.St.N. 1148b). The total number of men fielded by the battalion would be 9 officers, 1 civil servant, 53 NCO’s and 494 enlisted for a total of 557. The specific K.St.N. are as follows:

  • Stab KStN Nr.1106b v.30.3.43
  • Stabskp. KStN Nr.1155b v.30.3.43
  • Kp. KStN Nr.1148b v.1.4.43 (x3)

In August replacement tables for the HQ's company and Tank Destroyer company were issued as indicated below. This set of tables are represented in the orginizational chart below as well as the K.St.N. Set for sale. The K.St.N. set has 3 tables, 16 pages and is 27 MB.

  • Stab KStN Nr.1106b v.30.3.43
  • Stabkp. KStN Nr.1155b v.28.8.43
  • 3 Kp. KStN Nr.1148b v.28.8.43
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Additional primary source documents on the Hornisse battalions

We are providing a realated set of documents below, these are the orders forming 4 Hornisse units. These units were formed using some variation of the K.St.N. mentioned abvove.

A118 (12MB)
1. Panzer Tracts 7-3