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Panz.Div.43 - Panzer Regiment K.St.N. Set


Tables in set:
1103 01.Nov.41 HQ Staff Panzer Regiment
1107 01.Apr.43 HQ Staff Panzer Battalion
1150a 10.Jan.43 HQ’s Company Panzer Battalion (Panther)
1177 10.Jan.43 Medium Panzer Company (Panther)
1185a 10.Jan.43 Panzer Maintenance Platoon (Panther)
1150b 25.Jan.43 HQ’s Company Panzer Battalion
1175a 25.Jan.43 Medium Panzer Company
1185 01.Jun.42 Panzer Maintenance Platoon

These K.St.N. are reproductions as the originals were of very poor quality. These are exact copies and all items from the originals are present.

$ 7.00