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KStNs For Sale

We are not sure of the demand for compiled sets of KStNs but we though we would play around with a few ideas give it a try and see were it goes. Any feedback on these products is welcomed.

Division Sets

Infantry Division 1944
12 sets
43 tables
Volksgrenadier Division
Infantry Division 1945
Panzer Division 1945
4 sets
28 tables
Sample KStN Set
Sturmgeschutz Battalion 1943

Kriegsstärkenachweisung (K.St.N)
KStN - are the German documents that showed the theoretical composition of a unit, they included information about manpower, weapons and vehicles.
Joe Davis has graciously provided the KStN files below so that they could be made available for all to download. The K.St.N. volumes listed below can be found in NARA Publication T78 (Records of Headquarters of the German Army High Command: OKH) rolls 391 to 397. These will be posted as a single PDF file per document group. These files will represent all the data in the seven microfilm rolls indicated above. My intent is to post files from one roll per month until they are all posted, the posting month is indicated in the file size column.

Individual K.St.N. that are part of volume 8 and 8a, an index of which can be found here, are available for download and listed below under KStN Downloads.

KStN can also be seen at Christoph Awender's website WW2 Day by Day, once at his site select KStN on the left for the KStN section. These are reproduced in a great graphical representation and are well worth a visit.

NARA KStN Downloads (T78 Rolls 391 to 397)
Doc. # Volume Title (download link) Size
H1/1 (Heer) Gültigkeitsliste der Kriegstärke- und Ausrüstungs- nachweisungen Kartei. Stand 15.7.44 40 MB
H1/2 (Heer) Bd.1 Kommandobehörden u. höhere Stäbe, Festungseinheiten, Heerestransportstellen 1943/44. 99 MB
H1/3 (Heer) Bd.1a Vermessungseinheiten, Fedlgendarmerieeinheiten, geheime Feldpolizeieinheiten… 1942/44 59 MB
H1/4 (Heer) Bd.2 Infanterie 1943/45 66 MB
H1/5 (Heer) Bd.2a Infanterie 1944 59 MB
H1/6 (Heer) Bd.3 Aufklärungseinheiten, Schnelle Truppen, Kavallerie. 1943/44 23 MB
H1/7 (Heer) Bd.4 Artillerie. 1942/44 80 MB
H1/8 (Heer) Bd.4a Artillerie. 1941/44 78 MB
H1/9 (Heer) Bd.5 Nebeltruppe. 1941/44 26 MB
H1/11 (Heer) Bd.7 Nachrichten Abteilungen 1942/44 157 MB
H1/12 (Heer) Bd.8 Schnelle Truppen, Panzer-Einheiten, Panzer-Jäger-Einheiten, Panzer-Grenaer-Einh. 1943/44 133 MB
H1/13 (Heer) Bd.8a Schnelle Truppen, Panzer-Einheiten, Panzer-Jäger-Einheiten, Panzer-Grenadier-Einh. 1944/45 71 MB
H1/14 (Heer) Bd.9 Nachschub-Einheiten, Verpflegungs-Einheiten, Verwaltungs-Einheiten, Feldwerkstatt… 1941/45 242 MB
H1/15 (Heer) Bd.10 Sanitätsund Veterinär-Einheiten. 1941/43 122 MB
H1/16 (Heer) Bd.12 Militär-Verwaltung der besetzten Gebiete, Kommandobehörden und Stäbe, … 1941/45 200 MB
H1/17 (Heer) Bd.13 Kommandobehörden u. Truppenteile der Heimat. 1941/43 125 MB
H1/18 (Heer) Bd.13a Ersatz-Einheiten. 1941/45 307 MB
H1/19 (Heer) Bd.13b Ersatz-Einheiten. 1941/45 147 MB
H1/20 (Heer) Bd.14 Schulen, Lehreinheiten, Wehrersatz-, Heeresabnahme- und Wehrwirtschaftsdienst. 1941/44 79 MB
H1/21 (Heer) Bd.14a Schulen, Lehreinheiten, Wehrersatz-, Heeresabnahme- und Wehrwirtschaftsdienst. 1941/44 83 MB
H1/22 (Heer) Bd.14b Schulen, Lehreinheiten, Wehrersatz-, Heeresabnahme- und Wehrwirtschaftsdienst. 1941/44 194 MB
H1/24 (Heer) Bd.16 Feldausbildungs- und Ausbildungs-Divisionen. 1941/44 343 MB
H1/25 (Heer) Bd.16 Kolonial-einheiten. 1940 41 MB
H1/26 (SS)(Luft.) SS-Karstwehrbataillon, SS-Wirtschaftsbataillon, Flak-batterie, Flakkolonne, … 1939/43 39 MB
H1/27 (Heer) Luftlandetruppen. 1941 42 MB
H1/28 (Heer) Band für bodenständige Einheiten. 1942/44 39 MB
H1/28a (Heer) A collection of tables of organization for many different units and commands. 1944/45 113 MB
H1/30 (Heer) Liste der gültigen (Heer) Band I. 1945 26 MB
H1/31 (Heer) Liste der gültigen (Heer) Band II. 1945 16 MB
H1/32 (Heer) Gültigkeitsliste der Kriegstärke- und Ausrüstungs- nachweisungen (Heer). 1.4.1943 73 MB
H1/34 (Heer) Nachweis über in Druck gegebene und sonstige Vorschläge. 1945 7 MB

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