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The blog will be used to post radom information I come across that I think others might find useful or interesting as the website does not lend itself very well to this.

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  • 12.22.2015 - 21 Panzer Division - KStN List 1943
  • 12.15.2015 - A Sample K.A.N. - Table of Equipment
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    Index for Free and Low Priced NARA Rolls
    A search tool for those that collect or search for NARA German document rolls. Before I order from NARA I check to see if the roll I need is availble from a more reasonable source. This tool allows you to search for a specific roll to see if it is available from one of the included free or low priced sources.


    KStN Ad

    Visit the PD.45 KstN page for details on this and other PD.45 KStN sets.

    MS T-014

    1942 OFFENSIVE
    (Strategic Survey)

    By Generalleutnant Heinz von Gyldenfeldt, 328 pp, 65 illus; 1948. A description by the chief of staff of Army Group South of German operations in the spring, summer, and autumn of 1942.


    Due the size of the files they will only be availble for a limited time, one file will be made available per week and remain active for two weeks. The links below will become active on the dates indicated.


    • Part 1 - no longer available
    • Part 2 - no longer available
    • Part 3 - no longer available
    • Part 4 - no longer available
    • Part 5 [75MB] - active to 02.11.2016
    • Part 6 [77MB] - active to 02.18.2016
    • Part 7 [34MB] - active to 02.25.2016

    Recent Changes
    1/1/2016 - Foreign Military Studies
    New FMS added to the collection  

    New Downloads
    Title (download link)Sec.Type(Size)Updated
    T315 R692 - 35105/1 - 17th Panzer Div. - Ia : KTB Nr. 9 : 4 Feb - 15 May 1943 Res.PDF (17 MB)4/1/2015
    T315 R692 - 35105/1 - 17th Panzer Div. - Ia : KTB Nr. 9 : Anlagenband I Res.PDF (37 MB)7/1/2015
    T315 R692 - 35105/1 - 17th Panzer Div. - Ia : KTB Nr. 9 : Anlagenband II Res.PDF (46 MB)10/1/2015


    Random German Military


    connecting file, communicating file; liaison agents.

    courtesy of War Department
    Manual TM 30-356

    The Sergeant York Controversy

    German Perspective

    Book Ad

    A German Report on the events in the Argonne on October 8th, 1918

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