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Sturmpanzer IV - Sd.Kfz.166
Sturmgeschütze IV für 15 cm (StuH43) is a work in progress; I am compiling information on Sturmpanzers and Sturmpanzer units. If you have any information that you would be willing to share please contact me. If you have any comments or corrections to information that is already posted they would also be welcomed.

Thanks Richard Hedrick

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German Tables of Organization and Equipment
German KStN
Tables of Organization and Equipment


New KstN's for the Volksgrenadier Division and the 1945 Infantry Division. Also KStNs for 1944 Armored Egineer Battalion and Ferdinand Battalion translated into English.

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10/1/2015 - Foreign Military Studies
New FMS added to the collection  
10/1/2015 - New Documents
Documents from 17th Panzer Div. - Ia : KTB Nr. 9 : Anlagenband II   read more...

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T315 R692 - 35105/1 - 17th Panzer Div. - Ia : KTB Nr. 9 : 4 Feb - 15 May 1943 Res.PDF (17 MB)4/1/2015
T315 R692 - 35105/1 - 17th Panzer Div. - Ia : KTB Nr. 9 : Anlagenband I Res.PDF (37 MB)7/1/2015
T315 R692 - 35105/1 - 17th Panzer Div. - Ia : KTB Nr. 9 : Anlagenband II Res.PDF (46 MB)10/1/2015


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command post flag (Bn or higher unit).

courtesy of War Department
Manual TM 30-356

The Sergeant York Controversy

German Perspective

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A German Report on the events in the Argonne on October 8th, 1918

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