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I wanted to announce that there will not be any future updates to the site. In fact I will no longer be doing any research so this also includes the blog and the newsletter. The site will stay up for a while as hosting is paid for through mid-2019. I have no plans to extend hosting once the current hosting expires so there is a two year window to get whatever on the site might interest you.

The site has been up for almost 15 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have spent maintaining it. This was not an easy decision. I wish everyone much success in their research.


Germany Around the World
Photo albums showing German activity
around the world
Photo Album - 1939
Photo Album - 1940
Photo Album - 1942
Panzerspähwagen Intel Reports: Luchs, Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) and Sd.Kfz. 250/9
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German Military Terms


in -pivot inclination, kingpin inclination (MT).

War Department Manual TM 30-356

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